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We have a huge range of logging & milling equipment available.

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        Logrite 60 inch Cant Hook

        Logrite 60" Cant Hook "Our Best Seller" This cant hook offers an extra foot of leverage and a bigger hook for moving big logs easily. Will grip 10" - 36" diameter...

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        LogRite 6" Steel Log Stand

        The 6" universal log stand attaches to LogRite's 42", 48" or 60" Cant Hooks or Peaveys. It adds log jack functionality to our tools. Great for cutting up firewood.

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        Clogger Zero Gen2 Light and Cool Men's Chainsaw Trousers - Grey/Green

        The first generation of the Zero has been a game changer for the industry. The first lightweight, cool chainsaw pants. With Zero, you don’t sweat all day long when you are...

        Jama Safety Helmet

        KEY FEATURES Possibly the most comfortable helmet in its class 10 screened vents in the right location ensures maxiumum breathability. Adjustable 4 point chin strap to keep your helmet securely fitted...


        Blood Stopper Pouch

        Blood Stopper Pouch Quickly attaches to any Buckingham saddle or body belt and contains one large blood stopper to control bleeding until the victim can be administered First Aid on the...

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        1/4'' (6.3mm) Grinding Stone

        Genuine Granberg 1/4'' (6.3mm) Grinding Stone. Suits Granberg G712, G1212 and G1012XT. Used for lowering the depth gauge on all chain sizes.

        LogRite 48" Cant Hook

        Another one of our best sellers. The 48" cant hook is long enough to get the job done without the big arc of the longer handle. Combines good leverage with ease...

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        Petzl Vizir Face Shield

        VIZIR FACE SHIELD Eye shield with EASYCLIP system for VERTEX and STRATO helmets The VIZIR face shield protects the eyes against projectile hazards. It is easy to install on VERTEX and...

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        Alaskan Mill Handle & Rail Sets Only

        The Alaskan Mill Handle and Rail sets are for use with the Alaskan Mill Basic Kit.  If you have an existing Alaskan Mill and require additional rails, select the size that...

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        Pitch-N-Gauge Granberg Pitch-N-Gauge saw chain check tool. Eight different measurement checks in one handy tool!! Bar Groove Gauge Check 30 Degree Filing Angle File Size Check Depth Gauge Check Drive Link...

        Granberg G712 Sharp-N-Ezy Chain Sharpener

        The quickest and easiest way to sharpen your chainsaw chain. The Granberg 14,000rpm G712 connects directly to your 12V car or truck battery and will sharpen any size and brand chain...

        Granberg Break-N-Mend

        Break-N-Mend This handy tool makes on-the-job chain repairs possible. Break and spin rivets on all common sizes of saw chain with Break-N-Mend's adjustable anvils and spinner head. Even reconditions old preset...