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We have a huge range of logging & milling equipment available.

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        SIP Braces w/ Clips

        BRACES WITH CLIPS These clip braces are adjustable in height and can be fixed on any pair of trousers. Available in orange/black.

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        Peltor V4A Steel Mesh Visor w/ Hold

        V4A STEEL MESH VISOR W/ HOLD Design ensures excellent strength and stability. This visor, made of steel with a matt finish, is for extremely harsh working environments. System includes visor, helmet...

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        Petzl Vertex Replacement Foam

        REPLACEMENT FOAM Easy maintenance standard replacement foam suitable for Vertex and Alveo helmets.

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        Peltor WorkTunes Hearing Protector & AM/FM Radio

        WORKTUNES HEARING PROTECTOR Effective hearing protection with AM/FM radio and short, flexible antenna that provides excellent reception. AM/FM radio and hearing protection ALL-IN-ONE. Digital tuning with LCD display. MP3 and iPod compatible....

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        Peltor H7 Series Earmuffs

        H7 SERIES EARMUFFS The H7 Series has been developed for demanding noisy environments with increased low frequency attenuation. The sealing rings are filled with a unique combination of liquid and foam....

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        SIP Brush Cutting Gaiters

        BRUSH CUTTING GAITERS Gaiters provide adequate protection against flying debris and protect the bottom of the trousers from vegetation close to the ground. One size fits all.

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        LogRite Replacement Hook Size 3

        Replacement Hook for Mega Hooks.

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        LogRite Replacement Foam Grip

        Replacement grip for LogRite Cant Hooks and Peaveys.

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        LogRite 78" Mega Hook

        The LogRite Mega Hook is larger than a traditional cant hook. The 78" handle provides the most leverage to move a log by hand. The extra large hook will grip 15"...

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        LogRite 42" Peavey

        A very popular logging peavey. It is slightly lighter and easier to work with than our larger logging peaveys. Less handle arc means you can work the tops of the log...

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        LogRite 42" Cant Hook

        The 42" cant hook is very popular. Works well with logs 8" - 32" in diameter. It makes quick work of average sawmill size logs. An aluminum handled cant hook that...

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        LogRite 36" Hookaroon

        The 36" hookaroon is great for pulling slabs off the sawmill, at the firewood processor or for just moving firewood around. Extends your reach and keeps your hands away from the...

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