Buckingham Steel Short Spur Kit with Velcro Wrap Pads

Buckingham Steel Short Spur Kit with Velcro Wrap Pads

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Buckingham Steel Short Spur Kit with Velcro Wrap Pads

This kit contains:
1 x pair - Buckingham 94089 spurs with 1 7/8" replaceable short gaffs. The short 1 7/8" gaffs can be replaced with the longer 2 1/2" long gaffs. They have offset shanks to conform to the wearers leg. The 94089's are supplied with nylon foot straps.

1 x pair - Buckingham 3502C Velcro Wrap Pads (100mm) with metal insert and cinch pin. The original Velcro cushion wrap pad. Comfort, ease of attachment and durability has made this one of our best selling spur pads. The 100mm width Velcro strap which fastens around your calf provides more support and reduces the discomfort associated with a 25mm or 30mm strap. The leather pad has a rolled edge to reduce chafing. Fits all spur models.

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