Buckingham Friction Saver 4ft - Alloy Rings

Buckingham Friction Saver 4ft - Alloy Rings

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Buckingham Friction Saver 4ft - 2 x Alloy Rings 

The large diameter cross section Buckingham uses in their friction rings further minimizes friction by reducing the sharp bend in your climbing line, this in turn makes climbing a lot easier. It reduces premature wear on your climbing line, and eliminates damage to tree limbs caused by excess friction. It offers minimal friction when working from different positions in the tree, and can be wrapped around a stem for use as a false crotch where no natural crotch exists. It also aids in keeping slack out of your climbing line for added safety during your ascent. The inside diameter of the large ring has been increased to make retreival easier. The ends of the friction saver has also been colour coded for easy end identification, which also aids in retreival. All Buckingham friction savers have been load rated to 2,270kg and should be used for human support only. Compare these features to the competitors brands and see why the BUCKINGHAM FRICTION SAVER is the best choice for the professional Arborist.

Different colours on each end help with ring size identification for correct removal direction.


Step 1/ Photo 1: Insert line through large ring. Continue to pull all line through large ring(being careful not to pull line back into tree).
Step 2/ Photo 2: Insert end of remaining line through small ring, and attach bag onto it using a clove hitch.
Step 3/ Photo 3: Pull on line opposite throw bag to raise friction saver into tree.
Step 4/ Photo 4: When friction saver is just below limb, quickly flip it up and over limb, so it does not get hung up.
Step 5/ Photo 5: Lower bag to ground and disconnect.
Step 6/ Photo 6: Attach throw line to climbing line eye using a clove hitch, if climbing line has no eye, attach using a series of 3-4 half hitches with a clove hitch tied 5''-6'' in from end of climbing line. Then simply pull climbing line up and through the friction saver rings.


Tie a stopper know in climbing line and attach throw line to knot. Raise knot up and through large ring. Knot will then catch on small ring. Give a slight tug and friction safer will flip over limb. Now you can control descent with throw line. The use of throw line also insures your friction saver will not become stuck in tree.

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