DMM Tree Motion Hitch Climber

DMM Tree Motion Hitch Climber

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Developed with those clever folk at DMM, this is the first hot forged pulley to hit the market. Blessed with sensual curves and many little details, this little beauty was designed to be at the heart of friction hitch climbing systems (with stitched eye to eye slings), but has many other applications. Taking the place of conventional fairlead pulleys, the Hitch Climber helps organise karabiners, reducing the probability of poor configurations such as cross loading. Tension in the climbing line is transferred through both karabiners and the rigging plate. Doesnt matter if you are ascending or descending, karabiners tend to be kept in the correct alignment. The full range of anchor point sizes, from pulley saver to large stem, are accommodated without changing the everyday set-up. The climbing line is pretty much left alone by the pulley until it is needed, there is less friction build up below the hitch. That means the friction hitch will self-tail sooner. Its possible to use shorter (stitched) slings for tying your hitch too, which reduces sitback when ascending. When things get a bit ore complex, the three holes of the Hitch Climber will accommodate the variety of different rope techniques that allow us climbing arborists to work the canopy. A complete second climbing system (or lanyard) can be added to the spare hole, making it easier to traverse between two anchors. There are even rescue and load hauling functions! A loop of rope taken from between the hitch and the pulley can be lowered to a ground worker. Loads can be connected into the loop and hauled back up by the ground worker. It has never been so easy to get that big Stihl to a climber! And because life doesn?t always go to plan, there are abilities in this system that would be useful in a rescue. If the casualty is positioned in such a way that lowering is impractical (e.g. over water, a road or electrical conductors) the system can be used in reverse. The rescuer can haul from above on the casualty system on what is effectively now a braked 3:1 mechanical advantage system. Once in a better position, the descent could take a different route. In a pick-off rescue, friction can be easily added above the rescuers hitch to keep the operation of his/her system much the same as normal.


  • Certified to EN 358 (Work Positioning Belt) and EN 813 (Sit Harness)
  • Ocean polyester cord and its stitched terminations are CE marked under ISO 9001:2000
  • Meets EN 12278 (Pulleys) and EN 795(c) (Anchor Devices) requirements
  • Sheaves: 1
  • Max lod: 3000kg
  • SWL: 600kg
  • Rope: 14mm
  • Weight: 79g

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