An investment in a chainsaw is worth protecting with correct sharpening and effort-saving maintenance tools. A well-maintained chainsaw delivers greater productivity and extended engine life, as well as maximising the service life of the guide bar, saw chain and drive sprocket. Granberg has a range of innovative and time-tested solutions for chainsaw maintenance issues.
FILE-N-JOINT Designed over 45 years ago, the File-N-Joint has set the industry standard for accuracy and durability. It has been copied all over the world but is still generally considered the best. File-N-Joint is completely portable and mounts directly onto the chainsaw guide bar. Featuring rugged cast alloy construction, File-N-Joint precisely sharpens all major pitches of saw chain and accurately lowers depth gauges as well.>>>Buy Now
NEW FILER Granberg's New Filer offers precision sharpening with hand-held ease. The New Filer is the most accurate of the “file holder” sharpeners. Mount any of the four common file sizes – 5/32”, 3/16”, 13/64” and 7/32”. Automatically adjusts to correct file height with a choice of 3 sharpening angles - 25°, 30° and 35° - and features 2 depth gauge settings as well.>>>Buy Now
BREAK-N-MEND The handy Break-N-Mend makes on-the-job chain repairs possible. Break and spin rivets on all common sizes of saw chain with Break-N-Mend’s adjustable anvils and spinner head. Vice-grip handles provide tonnes of pressure with a handshake grip. Easy to use and completely portable - even repair and re-use old chain rivets!>>>Buy Now
PITCH-N-GAUGE Restore your chainsaw’s performance! Pitch-N-Gauge is the essential pocket item for checking and identifying saw chain. Contains 8 measurement checks in one handy tool. Features bar groove gauge check, 30° filing angle, 35° filing angle, file size check, depth gauge check, drive link gauge check, pitch check and tooth length check.>>>Buy Now
CLIP-N-TRIM Get greater versatility from your chainsaw. This handy and rugged attachment converts your chainsaw into a powerful hedge trimmer. Clip-N-Trim is available in 12”, 14”, 16” and 20” lengths. Fitting to all types of lightweight chainsaws, Clip-N-Trim attaches to and detaches from the chainsaw guide bar in seconds.>>>Buy Now