A Granberg chainsaw mill could well be the best tool you’ll ever invest in. Why waste logs by burning, chopping or otherwise disposing of them when with a little time and a Granberg mill you can convert them into valuable, rough-sawn timber? More often than not you’ll recover your investment after your first project. Granberg mills are rugged, easy to operate and fun to use. Whether you are a hobbyist, carpenter, logger or furniture maker, a Granberg mill is an indispensable item for your tool collection. With some available fallen timber, chainsaw and Granberg mill, your imagination is the limit! Visit our Videos & Downloads page to see Granberg mills in action.
ALASKAN MK III The Alaskan Mk III is the advanced design lumber mill for versatile, heavy-duty use. Coupled with your chainsaw, the Mk III allows timber to be milled on-site from fallen trees or logs. The Mk III clamps onto the guide bar in seconds and is easily adjusted to produce exact timber thickness. Converts rough logs into perfectly-dimensioned timber with a beautiful, even, re-sawn finish. Safe, easy to use and fast, the Mk III produces lumber in volume for almost any imaginable use.>>>Buy Now
ALASKAN MK III C2 SERIES The Alaskan Mk III becomes an even more productive lumber mill in the double-ended model. While the basic model is designed for one-person operation, the double-end version can be equipped with a helper handle on one end or configured for use with two powerheads for high-volume production. The C2 mill comes complete with everything you need except for the powerhead. Included are double-ended guide bar, ripping chain, slabbing rail bracket set, auxiliary oiler kit, helper handle and chainsaw sharpener.>>>POA - (03) 9535 2666
MINI MILL This compact vertical milling attachment combined with your chainsaw makes an ideal partner as an edger to the Alaskan Mk III. Separately, the Mini Mill converts logs into timbers or smooth lumber. Mini Mill comes complete with 12’ of aluminium guide rail in 2’ lengths, with screws. A guide board with two or three spikes fastens to the log to complete your guide system. After the log is squared, the guide board may be adjusted to cut lumber to any desired dimension.>>>Buy Now
SMALL LOG MILL Recommended for chainsaws of 20” or less, the Small Log Mill is ideal for the homeowner, carpenter or woodworker. Its compact and lightweight design easily attaches to your chainsaw bar with no drilling required. Offering the versatility and reliability of the Mk III but for smaller logs and lower displacement chainsaws, the Small Log Mill can handle logs of up to 16” diameter. Small Log Mill will slab in thickness from 1/4" to 13", with no limit on length.>>>Buy Now