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We have a huge range of logging & milling equipment available.

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        Granberg Alaskan Mill MKIII Kits

        The Alaskan MKIII is the original and the best chainsaw mill on the market. The MKIII is an advanced design lumber mill for versatile, heavy duty use. Used with a chainsaw...

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        Granberg Alaskan Winch

        The Alaskan Winch system is a hand winch for the Alaskan Mill.  The increased mechanical advantage of this tool makes milling easier and the cut smoother.  It also has a unique...

        LogRite 6" Steel Log Stand

        The 6" universal log stand attaches to LogRite's 42", 48" or 60" Cant Hooks or Peaveys. It adds log jack functionality to our tools. Great for cutting up firewood.

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        Logrite 60 inch Cant Hook

        Logrite 60" Cant Hook "Our Best Seller" This cant hook offers an extra foot of leverage and a bigger hook for moving big logs easily. Will grip 10" - 36" diameter...

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        LogRite 48" Cant Hook

        Another one of our best sellers. The 48" cant hook is long enough to get the job done without the big arc of the longer handle. Combines good leverage with ease...

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        LogRite 60" Peavey

        Another popular logger's peavey. The long 60" handle will move the largest logs that will fit on a sawmill. The extra leverage means less effort and less bending over to move...

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        LogRite 30" Hookaroon

        The 30" hookaroon is great for pulling slabs off the sawmill, at the firewood processor or moving firewood around. Extends your reach and keeps your hands out of areas they shouldn't...

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        Granberg Ez-Rail System

        The 10 Foot (3m) EZ-Rail System from Granberg is the best way to make a perfect first cut with a Granberg Alaskan Mill is now even better!  Supplied in two 5′...

        LogRite 42" Cant Hook

        The 42" cant hook is very popular. Works well with logs 8" - 32" in diameter. It makes quick work of average sawmill size logs. An aluminum handled cant hook that...

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        Granberg EZ Rail System Connector

        EZ Rail Connector Kit is used with the G1010 and G1085 EZ Rail Systems.  Enables rails extension for use on longer lengths of timber.

        Granberg 5ft EZ Rail Extension Kit

        The Granberg EZ Rail Extension Kit is normally used with the G1010 Granberg EZ Rails to extend the length of the first cut when milling with the Granberg Alaskan Mill.  To...

        LogRite Replacement Hook Size 3

        Replacement Hook for Mega Hooks.

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