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        Gransfors Bruks Mini Hatchet

        MINI HATCHET The Gränsfors Small Hatchet is the lightest of all the axes from Gränsfors Bruk, making it perfect for hiking, when every kilo counts. The axe is excellent for limbing...

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        Gransfors Bruks Large Carving Axe

        LARGE CARVING AXE The Gränsfors Large Carving Axe is used for woodworking and shaping wood. The axe has been developed in collaboration with master craftsmen Wille Sundqvist and Onni Linnanheimo, with...

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        Gransfors Bruks Double Bit Throwing Axe - Competition

        DOUBLE BIT THROWING AXE, COMPETITION The Gränsfors Double Bit Axe is based on the North American working axes, but has been modified for use in axe throwing. Both edges are identical...

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        Gransfors Bruks Broad Axe 1900

        BROAD AXE MODEL 1900 The Gränsfors Broad Axe model 1900 has a traditional design and is suitable for squaring logs and planks, for example when building a log house. Broad Axes...

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        Gransfors Bruks Axe File

        AXE FILE This axe file is a fine-toothed iron file with two faces and a small wooden handle. The handle is thicker near the file blade to give a good grip....

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        Gransfors Bruks American Felling Axe 32inch

        AMERICAN FELLING AXE 32" The Gränsfors American Felling Axe is a professional axe for those who want to work in the forest in the traditional way. The axe is ideal for...

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        SIP Brush Cutting Gaiters

        BRUSH CUTTING GAITERS Gaiters provide adequate protection against flying debris and protect the bottom of the trousers from vegetation close to the ground. One size fits all.

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        Silky Hayauchi Telescopic Pole Saws

        HAYAUCHI TELESCOPIC POLE SAW Brilliant pole saw for both the professional and home user. The poles are oval shaped, providing precise control over the direction of the blade (especially important when...

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        10 Man HSE First Aid Pack

        10 Man HSE First Aid Pack CONTENTS: 20 x Assorted Wash-proof Plasters Sterile 2 x HSE 18x18 Premium Dressing 4 x Triangular Bandage Non Woven 6 x Antiseptic Wipes 1 x...

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        Petzl TacTikka Plus Headlamp

        TACTIKKA PLUS HEADLAMP Compact headlamp with white light and red light for preserving night vision and stealth. 250 lumens. Designed for occasional use, the multi-beam TacTikka plus headlamp offers 250 lumens...

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