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        ISC Halo Rigging Plates

        HALO Rigging Plates form part of a compatible system and were developed to match the ratings on our Karabiners and Prussik pulleys, at 40kN/ (8992lbf), 50kN (11,240lbf) and 70kN (15,736lbf).  Each...

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        ART Snake Anchor

        SNAKE ANCHOR The Snake Anchor is the ultimate multi-functional tree anchoring device. Using an innovative and unique multi-stepped stitching system, each rated attachment point provides a built-in energy absorber in case...

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        Notch Big Shot Trigger

        he Notch Big Shot trigger allows for improved use of Big Shot launchers including: Improves Big Shot launching accuracy and line setting Reduces user arm fatigue Improves consistency Quick mid pole...

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        ISC Rigging Plates

        ISC Rigging Plates are made from high strength Aluminium and have 20mm (over 3/4") holes, to allow Karabiners to be fully rotated.   Small Medium Large (MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength (kN) 36...

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        ISC Aluminium Wizard Karabiner

        The "Wizard" range represents the strongest karabiners manufactured in both Steel & Aluminium, with minimum breaking strengths (MBS) ranging from 40kN to 70kN. The Aluminium Wizard is a high strength, light-weight Karabiner....

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        ISC FIGURE 9 Rescue Descender

        Product information: On the RP130 Figure 9 Descender the attachment eye is set a 90 degrees to the rest of the unit. This means that the device remains correctly positioned (without...

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        Buckingham Port-A-Wrap Mark III

        The Buckingham Mark III Port-A-Wrap is the original and the best lowering device of its type. Not a cheap unrated copy. Designed to make lowering limbs easier and safer and easy...

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        Maillon Rapide 8mm Oval

        Construction: Steel Size: 8mm Strength: CE 25kN Style: Normal Gate Opening: 11mm Weight: 75g

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        DMM Pinto Pulley Rig

        PINTO PULLEY RIG The Pinto Rig pulley has hot forged body that is kind to ropes however they run. Fairlead flares reduce friction when the rope isn't running perfectly, while a...

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        ISC Figure 8 Descender with Ears

        The Rescue figure 8 devices have extended side bars to keep the rope in place, preventing the rope from creeping inwards and causing unwanted locking.     Aluminium Stainless Steel Rope...

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        The SmartSnap is designed for use on Ropes Courses, where 100% Attachment is required. The SmartSnap offers 100% attachment through the use of innovative 'Key Lock' mechanisms. To move from one...

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        ISC Single Prussick Pulley with Bearing

        Fully modular design allows pulleys to be fitted with bushings or bearings bushings use mos2 silicone impregnation for improved wear resistance, bearing systems uses sealed roller bearings for reduced friction. All...

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