We have a huge range of Arborist equipment available.

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        Notch Throw Weights

        Never lose a throw weight again! Notch’s proprietary throw weight design stands out against any background - leaves, sky, dirt, you name it. The weights are colour coded according to size,...

        Yale Brace

        The Yale Brace tree bracing system is a great value for money and easy to install. Coming in 2 tonne, 4 tonne or 8 tonne strengths, each 90m in length, it...

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        ISC Rigging Pulleys (Blocks)

        There is an ISC Rigging Block for all applications. The Compact Rigging Block is a lightweight pulley, which fits in the palm of the hand. At approximately half the size of...

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        We are excited to announce the launch of the UltraLink, the next-generation link that is set to revolutionize the way rope is connected and redirected. Designed with safety and efficiency in...

        ISC Halo Rigging Plates

        HALO Rigging Plates form part of a compatible system and were developed to match the ratings on our Karabiners and Prussik pulleys, at 40kN/ (8992lbf), 50kN (11,240lbf) and 70kN (15,736lbf). Each...

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        Blue Water Tube Tape 50mm (priced per metre)

        TUBE TAPE 50MM 50mm wide BlueWater Climb-Spec webbing has exceptional abrasion resistance. NOTE: Two separate sections of webbing ARE NOT recommended to be tied together with a Water Knot. It DOES...

        ISC Aluminium Rigging Pulley

        ISC Prussic Minding Pulleys for your rigging needs. Fully modular design allows pulleys to be fitted with bushings or bearings bushings use mos2 silicone impregnation for improved wear resistance, bearing systems...

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        Yale Optimus Whoopie Slings

        This Whoopie sling is made from Yale Optimus hollow braid rope and is hand spliced by an Cannings factory certified splicer. 13mm (1/2") 16mm (5/8") 19mm (3/4") Finished Length: 1.5m 1.8m...

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        ISC Rigging Plates

        ISC Rigging Plates are made from high strength Aluminium and have 20mm (over 3/4") holes, to allow Karabiners to be fully rotated. Small Medium Large (MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength (kN) 36...

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        Buckingham Friction Saver 4ft - Alloy Rings

        Buckingham Friction Saver 4ft - 2 x Alloy Rings The large diameter cross section Buckingham uses in their friction rings further minimizes friction by reducing the sharp bend in your climbing...

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        ISC Singing Tree Rope Wrench

        The ISC Singing Tree Rope Wrench has become a well established, popular tool within the production climbing industry and in tree climbing competitions. The Rope Wrench provides an 'S' bend in...

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        Yale 5/8'' Single Eye Sling

        Yale 5/8" Single Eye Sling This sling is made of Yale 5/8'' double braid and is hand spliced by an ATRAES factory certified splicer. Size: 5/8'' Length: various SWL: 1089kg Construction:...

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