Stihl Smart Connector Launch

Stihl Smart Connector Launch

Cannings are proud to be a selected Stihl dealership to launch the Stihl Smart Connector.  Designed to help you track you machine usage and ensure a regular maintenance schedule to maximise the performance of your Stihl machines.


With the STIHL Smart Connector and STIHL connected Portal, you can view the power tool data for your power tools and use that information as a basis to improve your daily work processes. For optimum scheduling and an even more efficient team.

The Smart Connector is easy to install and transmits the most important power tool data via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet.

The STIHL Connected Portal offers an overview of your entire machine fleet. Amongst others, it can show you where a machine was most recently in use while connected to a smartphone. At the same time, you can also see a clear representation of the maintenance schedule, to enable optimum management of your machine fleet.

Enquire in store to meet the next generation of fleet management.