Battery Blower STIHL BGA 57 - Test / Review: The Garden Gurus

Battery Blower STIHL BGA 57 - Test / Review: The Garden Gurus


If you don’t yet have a blower for your garden, let The Garden Gurus Trevor Cochrane show you why the new BGA 57 by STIHL is the next tool to add to your collection. 

This is the latest model to join STIHL’s popular AK battery system which now boasts ten tools all powered by the one battery system. This versatile range is great for backyards of all shapes and sizes, from small suburban courtyards right through to larger home gardens.

The BGA 57 is the new and improved version of the BGA 56, which you may remember from the show last year. With improved balance and ergonomics to help make light work of clearing dirt, leaves and garden debris, the BGA 57 is a perfect for the average Australian backyard.

Like all STIHL tools, the BGA 57 has been designed with user comfort in mind. The lightweight and compact design coupled with a powerful 36V lithium-ion battery offers both comfort and power in one neat little package. The rubberised grip adds an extra layer of comfort whilst in use, and the fully adjustable blower tube can be adjusted to suit the height of the user; simply twist and push to shorten, or pull to lengthen – it’s that easy.

Starting at the touch of a button, operator control has been optimised with this release slide and interlock trigger, and the recess of the air intake helps reduce airflow restriction when holding the blower close to the body – another notable feature in this upgraded model.

When it comes to runtime, the BGA 57 can clear up to 760m2 of leaves on a single charge using the AK 20 battery – that’s up three tennis courts worth! And finally, the most wonderful feature of this blower and the majority of tools in STIHL’s battery range is that ear defenders are a thing of the past. These tools are great in noise sensitive situations, allowing you to complete your work when it suits you.

When you’re done, this handy little hanging eyelet underneath will allow you to safely and securely store the blower on the wall of your garage or shed, which is a great way to save space, and keep it away from the kids.

Like all STIHL tools, the BGA 57 is the result of over 95 years of German engineering excellence, so you know they’ll last. STIHL tools are exclusively available from your local STIHL Dealer, so with 600 locations nationally, you’re never too far away.