“Reassembling a tree in WA”

When ATRAES Western Australia recently moved to new larger premises in Osborne Park, they pondered what to do with an ugly steel column that was in the middle of the new showroom. Alex (owner) decided it was good idea to put a hollow log around the beam and utilise it in the “Arb” section. It turned out to be quite a task! An old Tuart log was kindly donated by Joe Cullity of Wesbeam Timber. The log was perfect at 4.5 metres long and 1.4 metres in diameter. The log was split in two pieces, transported back to Osborne Park where it was then trimmed and hollowed. At 3.5 Tonne, it was decided that it was just going to be too hard to handle in two pieces and was then cut into four.┬áCareful manipulation with a forklift and the pieces were reassembled!

A picture of a  tree canopy was then printed onto corflute tiles, this was then attached to the ceiling.



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