Single Rope Technique

Single Rope Technique, or SRT, is rapidly becoming the access method of choice for many climbers.  It offers speed and efficiency of access, coupled with a variety of further applications once in the tree.  The Victorian Tree Industry Organisation has a free download which gives a range of helpful tips and advice for climbers who are new to SRT, as well as a comparison of some popular systems.

Climbers who are looking to get into SRT should check out the ATRAES MicroFrog, a complete ascending system including all the necessary equipment to start logging some vertical kilometres… except a rope and harness of course!  The MicroFrog is a variation on the popular Tree Frog system, and is designed to minimise the amount of gear required, whilst maintaining as much speed and efficiency on the rope as possible.

We hope to post a video here soon demonstrating some standard SRT setups, as well as showing off the speed of the MicroFrog… watch this space!

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