West Australian tree Climbing Workshops May 15th-16th

WA Tree Climbing Workshops May 15th & 16th

Conducted by Joe Harris of Intotrees.

Thurs 15: Morning Session: “Technical Tree Rigging” Location Jackadder Lake Reserve, Woodlands, WA

Half day workshop covering advanced techniques, force vectors and friction in technical tree rigging. Inc. lunch

Thurs 15: Afternoon Session: “Climbing systems for work positioning” Location Jackadder Lake Reserve, Woodlands, WA

Afternoon workshop looking at the strengths and weaknesses of different WP systems, eg Spiderjack, ZigZag, HC, Rope Wrench etc. Inc. lunch

Fri 16: All Day: “Aerial rescue for tree climbers” Location Millington Reserve, Trigg, WA

Full day workshop covering a variety of techniques for aerial rescue in trees, including pick-off rescues, pole-top rescues and situations involving spinal or neck damage. With the assistance of technical rescue professionals from FESA this should be the definitive rescue workshop of 2014. Inc lunch

 Joe Harris is a two-time Australian TCC champion and two-time world silver-medalist who has won the aerial rescue competition in 13 out of the 15 climbing comps he has been in. Joe has climbed, worked and presented workshops in Europe, North America, Africa and in every state of Australia, has sat on the VTIO committee & the ITCC Technical Advisory Committee, splices for ATRAES, teaches, designs tree climbing equipment, makes videos and is a contract climber based in Melbourne.


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