Complete ATRAES Buckingham Harnesses Range now Australian Standards Compliant


Buckingham Harnesses: ATRAES are pleased to complete their range of Buckingham Australian Standards compliant arborist harnesses with the recent testing and modifications to their most popular Ergovation range. Both the ATRAES versions of the classic Ergovation and Ergolite Harnesses now carry the Australian Standards compliance on all models and sizes. This has been a long and arduous project undertaken with Buckingham Manufacturing in the USA, and we would like to thank them for their patience and dedication to the project. As a result, the Aussie Economy, Aussie Economy Traverse, Aussie Master, Aussie traverse, ErgoVation, and ErgoLite with compliance to AS1891-1 2007 3.3.3. are all now available Exclusively through ATRAES.

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