ATRAES photo shoot “A real buzz”

A gathering of industry pros came together during March for a photo shoot! The shoot finished off with an 80 metre plus climb in the “Skeleton Forrest”.

I would like to acknowledge the massive effort from all those that helped make the “Shoot” a success.  A special thanks to Joe Harris for basically organising and pulling the whole thing together (without you this just wouldn’t have happened), Graeme and Angus McMahon for allowing us onto their worksites and allowing us to “get in the way” and hold up their day. Rob Fisher for your great work with the camera, Juri Megarrity (The Star), Barton Allan-Hall, Julia Chilcott, Alex Pinniger, Hubert Kowalewski (ART) and his partner Edith and a very special thanks to Kiah Martin for giving up her SRT system to make sure I got to the top of the “Big One”.

It was definitely a “real buzz” for me, not only the big climb, but working with everyone that made this happen!

P.S. I better thank John and Jasmin for accommodating me whilst there! (Good one mate!)


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  1. Lucas mahy says:

    These photos look amazing. Good work guys

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