Buckingham Ergovation With Webbing Bridge

Buckingham Ergovation With Webbing Bridge

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Buckingham ergonomically designed saddle with bridge and 2 sliding D's conforming to EN 358 2000 Standards for Work Positioning as well as EN 813 2008 Standards for Sit harnesses.


Features include:

  •  Fully modular design for customized fit and comfort
  •  Weighs only 2.8 kg
  •  Ergonomically designed back pad to contour the pelvis and support the lower back
  •  Closed cell foam construction for improved hygiene 
  •  Ability to remove and wash padding for improved hygiene
  •  Load distributing design to decrease pressure on pelvis
  •  Increased padding in pelvis and hip region
  •  Adjustable work positioning dee rings for comfortable and customized placement by user
  •  Waist tensioner for improved fit and abdominal stability
  •  Customizable lumbar support to help maintain optimal posture when climbing


Available in medium size only.


The History of the Ergovation™ Harness Design Concept

In developing the Ergovation™ saddle, all the deficiencies previously identified were addressed. The following is a list of how the deficiencies were addressed to support and stabilize the human body, while maintainingcomfort and adjustability.

 At the core of the Ergovation™saddle is a back-pad that provides optimal support and stability to thelumbar region, while allowing mobility through the hips.

 A removable lumbar support was added to the back pad, which is something Amanda recommends toher patients daily to maintain proper posture and decrease low back strain.

 Additional padding in the lateral hip region was added to decrease pressure on the soft tissues where the work-positioning D-rings sit.

 To prevent excessive pressure in the groin, a larger leg pad was utilized and a buckle that could be adjustedaway from the groin to decrease pressure and pinching on the femoral nerve and blood vessels.

 In addition, adjustable work positioning D Rings allow for customizable positioning; preventing excess pressure on the pelvis, and allowing for ideal upper extremity reach.

Dr. Amanda Carpenter’s recommendations to support the human body, Ed Carpenter’s suggestions for the idealcomponents in a climbing saddle, and Buckingham Manufacturing Company’s input on the components neededto build a durable saddle were combined to come up with the revolutionary design of the Ergovation™. Thetrue meaning of Ergonomics is about customizing the tool to fit the person, and we feel that we captured this inthe design of the Ergovation™ saddle. The Ergovation™ saddle’s customization and versatility make it unparalleled in a saddle / sit harness fall protection system.

As a production arborist, trainer, and tree-climbing competitor, Ed has been climbing in Buckingham saddlesffr most of his career. He has been very pleased with the durability, comfort, and quality that Buckingham’s arborist saddles provide to him while climbing for work, competition, or recreation. Established in 1896 Buckinghamhas had an impeccable reputation for constructing, durable, quality, fall protection equipment for individualsworking in the vertical realm. Ed and many of his colleagues have been climbing in Buckingham saddles, for years and can personally validate how their arborist saddles withstand the test of time. Ed and Amanda presented their findings to Buckingham and proposed needed changes that would have drastic effects in the support and comfort provided by arborist saddles.

Amanda’s background in human anatomy and biomechanics gave her a clear understanding of what was neededto provide the ideal support and comfort in a saddle. When combined with Ed’s experience and progressivenessin the arborist industry they set out to design a true ergonomic climbing saddle, that would not only be comfortable,but also versatile, durable, and customizable.

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