ATRAES Fiddle Block Set

ATRAES Fiddle Block Set

$899.00 AUD


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6 kg


Assembled and and spliced by an ATRAES factory trained and certified rope splicer this fiddle block is ideal for pretensionong lowering lines or lifting heavy objects. The ATRAES fiddle block will give you a lifting/ pulling raio of 5:1, so pulling wiht a force of 100kg results in 500kg of lift. The SRTE Rescue Mate has a built in cam so between lifts the load won't run. The cam can be quickly released if needed by tugging the release line. Combine this fiddle block with the Buckingham Port-a-Wrap of UFS Friction Drum for the ultimate in a compact lifting package!!!!

The ATARES Fiddle Block Comprises the following Items:

1 x SRTE RM12a Rescue Mate 1 x SRTE P32a Twin Sheave Pulley 1 x Large Gibbs Adjuster 2 x Kong 5 ton Steel Screw Gate Karabiners 1 x 10m 1/2'' Yale Double Esterlon Pull Line Hand Spliced.

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