Marlow Vega Spliced

Marlow Vega Spliced

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Pre-Order Vega from the first shipment!

Marlow Vega is arguably the best rope yet for mechanical ascender/descenders such as the ART Spiderjack & Petzl Zig Zag! (See below comments from Joe Harris of Intotrees)

Pre-order your spliced Marlow Vega from the first shipment which will be available approx. end of March. Limited stock is available on this initial shipment.

Vega is a new CE EN1891 light weight arborist climbing rope, that currently boasts the lowest elongation on the market (1.2%). Designed specifically for the new generation of mechanical climbing devices and modern climbing techniques.

Vega has a tough polyester core that provides extremely low elongation whilst also being energy absorbing, ideal for SRT climbing. The 24 plait polyester jacket gives a rope with exceptional flexibility and handling without compromising on durability.

Available in lime or orange. Look for the Marlow Black Marker.

"Over the last ten years, I've been trying out every kind of climbing rope I could get my hands on to find the one which would get the best performance out of the SpiderJack. A lot of ropes are designed for rope-on-rope climbers, which tends to mean the ropes are soft, with a rougher profile and less stiffness. Marlow's Vega is a firm, smooth-profiled 11.7mm rope that behaves in the device like an 11mm line - it doesn't flatten out, and it flies through the SpiderJack. You can take full arms-length pulls of rope and the SJ will self-tend even with the rope deflected underneath the device. It's the best rope for the SJ I've climbed on yet. The skinny, firm line will suit any mechanical positioning or access device, and will work as an access line as well if you need." Joe Harris, Intotrees

Vega Datasheet

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