treeMOTION EVO Harness

treeMOTION EVO Harness

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treeMOTION EVO Harness treeMOTION EVO Harness treeMOTION EVO Harness treeMOTION EVO Harness


The new TreeMotion 2 is finally here!!


Designed by Bernd Strasser 6x ITCC champion in association with Mark Bridge and Chris Cowell, the new treeMOTION Harness represents the latest in design and function for arborist harnesses. Available exclusively through the ATRAES group this harness is a must for all competition climbers and professional arborists alike.

Along with all the features mentioned in the text below, the TreeMOTION 2 offers the following improvements.

 PPE Rated rear ring
Comfort back padding as standard
Safety Stitched ends on rope bridge
Rated to 120kg (up from 100kg)
Meets ANSI Z133-2012

Check out the revolutionary design features: A new location for attachment hardware forward of the hips is at the centre of the treeMOTION design (8), and three simple adjustments allow you to tailor the position of these Front Ds where you want them (7,9,10). Reduced ?hip pinching and additional points from which to suspend yourself are some of the bonuses, but its the con-stant movement of webbing through the hardware that inspired the name. The whole attachment area is constantly in motion as it swings to accommodate the movement of the climber. Torsion in the leg loops is reduced as webbing self balances when the legs twist and turn. The continued quest to make a comfortable harness employs multiple layers of narrow webbing to spread the loads across a broader area of both the back support and leg loops (17). Even time spent connected to Side Ds (2) is improved, as their load is transferred from standing rings (4) onto lying rings (3) which spread the load into the removable padding below (6). Quick release buckles at the waist (1) and legs (9) combined with a precise leg loop support system (16) make treeMOTION easy to put on. Once on the move, you can tailor the storage of your climbing accessories to your wishes. On both sides there are fixed brackets (13), each accept up to two ice tool holders. And because no two climbers have the same ideas about gear storage, there are adjustable gear loops that can be set high, low or sloping to the inside or out (14). Two compression straps (12) identify the location for a personal First Aid kit, and a central ring (15) for chainsaw attachment is designed to allow equal movement to both sides. Theres even a karabiner bracket on the leg loops (18) to help keep rope away from spikes. If that isnt enough, each harness comes with a kit for lightweight build-it-yourself loops that can go pretty much where the end user wants! For ascent, the treeMOTION caters for those that prefer SRT with a centre rear attachment (11), an upper harness (not pictured) and optimum front attachment system. The upper harness has an additional load carrying function e.g. for large chainsaws. Work positioning is made all the easier because of the extra connection points (8) and the adjustable rope bridge (10) which can be used for direct connection for karabiners. All connection points are colour-coded bright green is good!

Refer Image 1 for points 1-10 and image 2 for points 11-18

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