RopeArmor Rope Access Tool

RopeArmor Rope Access Tool

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RopeArmor Rope Access Tool RopeArmor Rope Access Tool


RopeArmour projects lines into position. A 21st Century expression of precision and performance!

RopeArmour is The 1st Multi-purpose rope access device and system invented for use in Industrial Rope Access, Fire fighting, Search and Rescue, EMS, Forestry, Arboriculture, Caving, Military operations, Recreational tree climbing, Mountaineering, Canopy research, Nautical applications, Radio antenna set up and when and where ever it is necessary to project a messenger line to a target and retrieve an access rope/line.

The classic throw weight has evolved and tradition is re-imagined. RopeArmour’s agility navigates with an adaptability and responsiveness to help rope professionals’ access targets.

“Anytime, anywhere for a life time, guaranteed!” A Green Solution to throw bag and line waste and to get the toxic Lead out of the rope access industries.

RopeArmour has applied a common shape used in subsonic flight (Prolate hemispheroid cone) to the traditional throw bag. The RopeArmour is a projectile made of Aluminum and Stainless steel and decouples to reveal a hollow body to sleeve connections of access ropes <= 22mm.

The problem is the throw bags’ shape, materials, ring and form consistently snags, jams, applies friction, causes wraps and dead stops and is limited in use.

The solution is RopeArmour’s optimal geometric form allows for ease of movement for projecting, isolating targets, positioning ropes, smooth over of connection knots and end line security knots.

Fun! Line placement is fun, exhilarating and exciting by reducing the aggravations associated with traditional throw weights.

Multipurpose ! Use RopeArmour to full potential. Four tools in one. Also as a pull handle.

Safer than traditional weights with use of protective sleeves.

RopeArmour (formerly Treepedo) is:

  • Accurate
  • Safe
  • Adaptable
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Green

An exhilarating experience takes the throw weight to a whole new level!

Arm yourself and Experience what others are saying “Will use it any time over a throw bag”



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